Client Testimony

Sophie and Junie (sometimes known as our fuzzy children) just got back from a 10 day stay at Country Dogs [in October 2010 at the DC/NoVA site]. They came home looking wonderful…and wonderfully tired. One of the things we love most about Country Dogs is that when Michael delivers the dogs back to the house, he gives a report that is more than just a perfunctory ‘it went well.’ He tells us about how they played in detail enough that we can recognize our dogs specific behaviors in the description. In other words, he really knows our dogs. That level of care makes us very happy customers. Having Country Dogs as a resource makes it easier for us to take vacations…thank you!!!

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Boarding with Country Dogs gives me great peace of mind.


I wanted to thank all of you once again for the excellent, caring, and professional way you handled Savannah’s medical crisis on July 19.


We love sending Humphrey to Country Dogs [DC/NoVA in September 2010]!


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